SAVEUR SELECTS Spice Variety Pack


SAVEUR Selects Seasoning Variety Pack is a tasty trio of perfectly proportioned spice blends that infuse dishes with unforgettable flavors.

SAVEUR Selects Cajun Blackening Rub is a piquant and smoky seasoning blend that conjures up the classic flavors of Louisiana bayou cuisine. Packed with paprika, cayenne, garlic and thyme.

SAVEUR Selects Poultry Heritage Seasoning is a highly fragrant, herbal blend of sage, thyme, rosemary, and basil mixed with paprika, ground mustard, pepper, and a touch of brown sugar to round out the depth of flavor.

SAVEUR Selects Mediterranean Seasoning is a robust blend of aromatic basil, oregano, sage, and garlic that’s an essential foundation of the cuisines of Italy and Greece.

Rub these well-balanced blends onto meat, poultry and seafood prior to roasting for juicy results or pan frying for a signature crust. SAVEUR Selects Seasonings are ideal anywhere an extra kick of flavor is needed, adding just the right amount of savory spice to pastas, sauces, soups and sides.